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The flags flying at our beaches are surf warning flags. We have many flags posted all over our beach: stationary flags, patrol flags, and tower flags. Below are the flags warnings and what they mean at our beach..



Green Flag

This flag represents low hazard due to calm conditions. Please exercise caution when swimming.





Yellow Flag

This flag represents a medium hazard due to moderate surf and/or currents. Please exercise extreme caution when swimming.





Red Flag

This flag represents a high hazard due to high surf and/or strong currents. All swimmers please stay out of the water (Esc. Co. Ordinance)





Double Red Flag

This flag means that the water closed to public. This flag has only flown during hurricanes and other natural disasters on Pensacola Beach.





Purple Flag

Dangerous Marine Life. This flag is flown for jellyfish, man-o-war, etc.



*Remember the absence of flags does not assure safe water. If you can't swim, please don't go into the water.*